Set 6.82kWp


The 6,82 kW power installer kit is designed for energy generation on ON-GRID, t. Y. The energy produced by photoelectric panels is directed to the mains through the transducer and the two-way meter.
The 6.82kWp installer kit will produce an average of /about 6800kWh of energy per year! Perfect for both residential buildings and industrial sites, utilities, etc.

– Solar cells: ML Optima 310 Wp: 22 pcs.
– Inverter/Sofar SOLAR Converter 5.5KTL-X: 1 pcs.
– AC switchgear
– DC switchgear

compatible serial connections
– wires
– structural elements for panels
– connecting elements
– assembly kit (selected separately, depending on soil type, slope and roof covering)
– connecting box (must be selected separately, taking into account the characteristics of the existing electrical installation)
– two-way meter (supplied by an electricity supplier)
– grounding components for installation