Boiler built by one heat exchanger


100, 120, 140, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400

HIGH HEATING POWER thanks to the spiral coil, which has a large heating area, which guarantees rapid heating of the water in use.

WATER HEATING during the heating season using a towel, which is fed from the CS network, the water can be heated after the end of the season with the purchase of an electric heater.

DURABILITY, which is thanks to the magnesium or titanium anode used and ceramic enamel, is burned at a temperature of 850 OC.

INSULATION made of foam polyurethane.

AESTHETIC FINISH made of material skay type. Option to choose from 3 colors: gray, red, dark blue.

Nominal capacityL100120140200250300350400
Real capacityL97114132199245293342389
Lower cou painter area*m20,60,90,90,91,31,41,41.5
Heating power of the lower cou painter *Kw13,620,220,219,828,030,130,233,0
Water capacity of the lower couperL2,24,04,04,26,47,07,07,5
Max. temp. and working capacity pressure95 OC / 6 Bar
Max. temp. and working pressure of coverses110 OC / 16 Bar
Magnesium anodaAM30x440AM40x400
Additional titanium anodaAT300AT500
Additional electric heaterG.P.1,4 / G.P.2,0G.P.2.0 / G.P.4.5 / G.P.6.0 / G.P.9.0 / G.P.12.0
Energy classBBBBBBCC

* – 70 OC heating medium temp;   10 OC temp. water that fills the capacity;   45 OC water consumption temp.