HRP Domo small

  • 160m3/h air flow
  • ultra small dimensions 25cm depth, height 58cm, width 58cm
  • ideal facility for cottages and apartments


Compact device for passive air renewal, mounted vericular/horizontal, surface or hidden installation

ull ventilation unit with summer bypass and anti-freezing control

PPLICATION: Ideal for small cottages/apartments.

AIR EXCHANGE AND CLEANING: High efficiency air update and filtration using ePM1 80% filters.

EXTRA QUIET: For supplying 160m3/h air flow, the noise level of the unit is only 38.3 dB(A)

Horizontal installation methods:

Paviršinis montavimas

Montavimas virš lubų

Paslėptas montavimas

Horizontalus montavimas po lubomis

Vertical installation:

Išorinis montavimas

Vertikalus montavimas ant sienos

Paslėptas montavimas

Montavimas vertikaliai po siena

Paprasta, pažengusi su WiFi ar Modbus kontrolė

Rekuperatoriaus valdymas telefonu

Kompaktiški matmenys

Domo Small matmenys