Evo 8.5kW granulated oven

Evo granulated oven.

Colors: Black, white, gray, red, brown, yellowish.

Power: 8.5 kW

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Technical data (English)



Granulinė konvekcinė krosnelė

Security and innovation.

The 8.5kW Evo combines heat and reliability. A sealed camera sounds like a synonym for security. It is hermetically sealed and does not release outside the smoke. It can be connected where traditional stoves can not be connected. This is a real innovation in the heating of wood pellets, because it can be used in any room of the building. Can even be used in passive homes.

Sealed camera

Cast iron burner

Wi-Fi availability

Remote control

Day of the week programming

Connection to the external thermostat

Connection to the chimney from the back side

Technical parameters:

Rated power – 8.5kW

Minimum power – 2,3kW

Nominal efficiency – 88.9%

Efficiency reduced power – 92.2%

Heated volume min. and max. – 56m3 – 207m3

Fuel tank capacity – 18kg

Fuel consumption min/max. – 0.52kg/h – 1.98kg/h

Running time min. and max. power – 34.6h – 9h

Electric max. consumption – 60W

Decibels – 47dB – 58dB

Chimney pipe diameter – 80mm

Weight – 91kg – 102kg – 136kg

Dimensions – L 52,8 – P 52,8 – H 94,1cm

Packaged volume – 0,47 m3

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