Dual Clima Fusion HE

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Stainless steel water heater
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Fusion HE

Dual Clima Fusion HE heat pumps consist of two components:

Heat pump Dual Clima and Fusion HE stainless steel tanks, with fully equipped equipment per block

Fusion HE options include:

150ltr stainless steel water heater (inner cohesive plo 2.25m2), dimensions width 600mm x depth 600mm x height 1500mm

200ltr stainless steel water heater (inner cohesive plo 2.5m2), dimensions width 600mm x depth 600mm x height 1900mm

300ltr stainless steel water heater (inner cohesive plo 3.1m2), dimensions width 600mm x depth 650mm x height 1870mm

Device composition

Fusion HE pjūvis
  1. SHEV discharge valve
  2. Dielectric sleeve
  3. Disconnect filling
  4. BVV expansion tank
  5. Control panel
  6. BVV capacity
  7. BVS leaser
  8. BVVS location for sensor
  9. Pressure gauge
  10. Connector bar
  11. Heating spare ten (option)
  12. BVVS spare ten (option)
  13. Installation spare pump (option)
  14. Motorized three-way valve
  15. Heating expansion vessel (possibility)
  16. Water filter
  17. System drain valve


Air water reduces the total energy consumption of the house by up to 70%, because the energy of external air is used.


The heat pump is a clean technology that respects the environment.

It does not emit combustion gases, because there is no need to burn anything to bring heat into heating equipment or hot household water.

Multi function

Central heating, hot water and cooling are available.


It is a much safer system and requires less maintenance than those that need to replace cooling gas inside the house.


The heat obtained is replaced by a condenser for a heat-transmitting thermo record which is responsible for the supply of hot water and/or household use.


DOMUSA TEKNIK offers a wide range of offers, complete with buffer and hot water tanks of all types. These tanks are made of stainless steel and are given a 10-year commercial corrosion guarantee.

Container construction is specially used with a heat pump, with a large heat exchange surface and the ability to install with boilers using other types of fuel. Dual CLIMA heat pump installation solutions are designed for efficient, durable and reliable installation.


Dual CLIMA heat pumps are equipped with a DC transducer compressor, a silent, robust, high-efficiency compressor capable of modulating thermal power according to the needs of the house.

Power setting on/off cycles shorten the system’s reliability. This reduces unnecessary consumption and increases the user comfort of the equipment.

The DUAL CLIMA range includes a system that reduces the losses caused by the accumulation of ice in the evaporator. Until the coolant passes through the distributor, it flows through the bottom of the evaporator, preventing the ice from form

ing in this area. EASY TO USE

Reduced maintenance

MONOBLOC technology, where the entire gas chain is integrated into an outdoor installation, reduces the risk of cooled gas leakage, thus avoiding gas refuelling operations.

In addition, the use of electricity as an energy source avoids the maintenance required for the combustion of fossil fuels, both in the combustion chamber and in the exhaust outlet.

Electronic control inside the house

Dual CLIMA heat pump control panel is installed inside the house, from which you easily and intuitively control all components of the system.

Silent night mode

Night operating mode reduces the fan noise level during the programmed night hours programmed by the system.


Only hydraulic connections are made using MONOBLOC technology (no longer freon part), which facilitates installation

The gas/water compressor is integrated into the outdoor unit, thus avoiding the need to manipulate the cooling circuit in the installation process. The connection between the outdoor and indoor installations is hydraulic, so the installation is simpler and there is a greater distance between them than if the cooling gas were used as a heat transmitting fluid.

Connect and use solutions

DOMUSA TEKNIK offers a wide range of kits that allow you to configure any type of heating, hot water or cooling.

Among the range of these packages you can find simple solutions, such as electric spare kits, or more detailed solutions, including buffer tanks with chain separation, allowing you to combine heat pumps with spare boilers.

60ºC flow temperature

High flow temperature allows you to use dual clima heat pump even with radiators.

Protection against freezing of hydraulic components

Electronic heat pump control activates the circulating pump and compressor if necessary so that the water does not fall below the freezing point. To avoid freezing from long-term power outages, two solutions are proposed:
Freezing protection valve which releases the water circuit in the event that the water temperature drops to the freezing point.
Corrosion inhibitor / antifreeze is added to the system.

Technical data:

Heating nominal powerKw7.8010.6015.50
Cooling rated powerKw8.409.4515.70
Nominal heating costsKw1.702.503.44
Nominal cost of coolingKw2.253.054.40
Heating nominal loadA7.3911.2015.60
Nominal load on coolingA9.7813.4020.00
COP (outdoor +7°C, Water 35°C)4.594.244.50
Maximum costsKw2.883.455.75
Maximum loadsA12.515.025.0
Electrical voltage230 V~/50Hz
Maximum test pressure (water circuit)MPa (bar)0.3 (3)
Max. Water temperature°C60
Homemade water flowm³/h1.501.852.80
Max. Working pressure (refrigerant contour)Mpa4.2
Refrigerant quantityKg2.303.303.90
Protection classIPX4
Noise leveldB(A)464952
Dimensions (height/width/depth)
outer block
Mass nettoKg90125150