Cloe 6.5kW granulated oven

Cloe pellet oven.

Colors: Black, white, red, gray, burgundy, silver

Power: 6.5 kW


Granulinė konvekcinė krosnelė

convection granule oven – Bright and modern.

Strict lines and symmetrical design distract the oven from the classic design and move toward the modern style: it is indeed a great interior detail.The oven is made of different materials: stone, glass or metal. In addition, you can place the oven on a stand or hang as a painting.

Stainless steel combustion burner AISI

Sealed combustion chamber

Wi-Fi facilities (additional charge)

Remote control

Day of the week programming

Connection to the external thermostat

Connection to the chimney from the back, left or upper sides

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Technical information:
Rated power – 6.5kW
Minimum power – 2.5kW
Nominal power – 89.5%
Utility reduced power – 93%
Heated volume min/max. – 60m3 – 156m3
Fuel tank capacity – 8kg
Fuel consumption min. and max. 0.5kg/h – 1.5kg/h
Continuous operation min. and max. power – 16h-5,3h
Maximum electricity consumption – 50W
Decibels – 45,2dB – 54,2dB
Chimney pipe – 80 mm
Weight – 102kg – 108kg – 117kg
Dimensions – L 82 – P 28,5 – H 91,5cm
Packaged volume – 0,45 cm3