Baxi Luna platinum 1.24 GA

1,359.00  su PVM

Power modulation 2,6-24,7 kW

Water treatment in a separate heater


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Stainless steel heat exchanger

1:10 power modulation

Gas adpative control

Made in Italy

Water treatment in a separate heater

Boiler for heating. With an integrated electronic pump,
dilation vessel,
– 3 bar heating system safety valve
– Boiler power modulation 1:10, automatic gas valve.
Gas Adaptive Control (GAC) “Adaptive gas
control”) system:
– automatic combustion control in order to maintain the
the highest level of efficiency;
Made in Italy.

Technical data

Maximum heating power – 24.7kW
Maximum heating power at 80/60°C – 24kW
Maximum heating power at 50/30°C – 26.1kW
Minimum heating power at 80/60°C – 2.4kW
inimum heating power at 50/30°C – 2.6kW
ated efficiency 80/60°C – 97.6%
Rated efficiency 50/30°C – 105.5%
Efficiency 30% – 108.9%
NOx Class (EN 483) – 5
Minimlai operating temperature -5°C
Expansion vessel capacity/unfilled – 8/0,8 l/bar
Heating temperature range °C – 25/80
Maximum pressure in the heating circuit – 3bar
Coaxial chimney system Ø 60/100maximum length – 10m
Double stack system Ø 80 maximum length – 80m
Maximum smoke mass flow rate – 0,008kg/s
nimum smoke mass flow rate – 0,001kg/s
Maximum smoke temperature – 80°C
imensions (h x w x d) – 763 x 450 x 345mm
Net weight – 34.5kg
Gas type – Gas/LPG
Power consumption – 83W
rotection class – IPX5D