Baxi duo-tec compact 1.24 GA

979.00  su PVM

Power modulation 3,7-24 kW
Water treatment in a separate heater


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Stainless steel heat exchanger

1:7 power modulation

Gas adpative control

Made in Italy

Water treatment in a separate heater


Hydraulic system

3-way electric diversion valve
Stainless steel water/flue heat exchanger
Stainless steel hot water heat exchanger for
condensing mode as well as in hot water mode
Modulating fan with electronic speed control system
Automatic bypass
High efficiency, fully modulating power pump
Heating circuit with built-in air outlet
System to prevent pump and diversion valve adherent
every 24 hours
Heating circulation wheel valve set at 3 bar pressure

Thermoregulation system

Integrated climate regulation (access to outdoor sensor)
Manage the multi-zone system option
Cascade installation capability
Heating circuit and sanitary timers
included in the control panel

Control system

Water/fluorine heat exchanger overheating limit thermostat
Hydraulic pressure switch preventing the boiler from operating
with low water content
Safe NTC sensor against smoke overheating
Electronic temperature control using NTC sensors
Complete frost protection
Electronic thermometer
Digital heating circuit pressure gauge

Technical data

Maximum heating power – 24.7kW
Maximum heating power at 80/60°C – 24kW
Maximum heating power at 50/30°C – 26.1kW
Minimum heating power at 80/60°C – 3.4kW
inimum heating power at 50/30°C – 3.7kW
ated efficiency 80/60°C – 97.6%
Rated efficiency 50/30°C – 105.7%
Efficiency 30% – 108.8%
NOx Class (EN 483) – 5
Minimlai operating temperature -5°C
Expansion vessel capacity/unfilled – 7/0,8 l/bar
Heating temperature range °C – 25/80
BVVH temperature range °C – 35/60
Maximum pressure in the heating circuit 3bar
Coaxial chimney system Ø 60/100maximum length – 10m
Double stack system Ø 80 maximum length – 80m
Maximum smoke mass flow rate – 0,012kg/s
Minimum smoke mass flow rate – 0,002kg/s
Maximum smoke temperature – 80°C
Dimensions (h x w x d) – 700 x 400 x 299mm
Net mass 30kg
Gas type – Gas/LPG
Power consumption – 85W
rotection class – IPX5D